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School Education Improvement Division・Lesson Skills Development Division・Special Needs Education Coordinator Division

Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
ARIMA, Michihisa Educational Psychology The behavior of a teacher's expressions while conducting lessons
ERA, Shūkichi Special Needs Education,
Educational Psychology
Psychological assessment of cognitive development and developmental disorders
MATSUI, Tamotsu**    
MIYAMAE, Yoshikazu Clinical Psychology, Educational Counseling, Special Needs Education Application of behavior therapy to educational problems
MUSASHI, Hirofumi Special Needs Education
Psychology for Children with Disabilities
Evaluation and instruction of children with disabilities
NOMURA, Kazuo*    
NOZAKI, Takeshi Pedagogy of Physical Education,
Sports Pedagogy, Sports Management
Critical study on modernity in school physical education and sport; Study on school management for physical education; Study on networking in community sport administration; Total research for “Zest for Living”
SAITOU, Yoshinori Moral Education, English Education Practical research on the process in acquiring knowledge and arts
SHICHIJO, Masanori Guidance and Counseling Moral Education Research on contemporary problems of guidance and counseling seen from the perspective of ‘moral education’ and extracurricular activities
TAZAKI, Shinichirou Formal Education Practical research on improving students’ abilities in Japanese
UETA, Kazuya Moral Education,
Educational Practice Research
Effective techniques of moral education and morality data;
Lesson improvement and classroom management
YAMAMOTO, Konomi Educational Counseling,
Special Needs Education
Study on special support education in regular classroom; Research on educational counseling
YANAGISAWA, Yoshiaki School Administration,
Comparative Education
Comparative studies on school management styles in elementary and secondary schools in Japan and Germany

Division of School Education

Education Support Course

Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
KANO, Yoshimasa Sociology of Education Sociological study on educational issues such as bullying, futōkō (truancy); Sociological study on manner and human personality formation
MOURI, Takeshi Pedagogy Narratological study on formation of human personality;
Phenomenological study on educational relationships
NISHIOKA, Keiko Pedagogy The phenomenology of education by Merleau-Ponty
SAKURAI, Yoshiki Philosophy of Education (Educational Philosophy) Studies on Humboldt’s Bildung
SATOU, Moriko    
SOGO, Mai    
YAMAGISHI, Tomoyuki Educational Methods Research on teacher training and lessons
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
MIYAMAE, Junko Clinical Psychology Research on the educational counseling
OKADA, Ryō Educational Psychology Research on autonomous motivation in regards to academic learning and friendships
OKUBO, Tomoo Educational Psychology Research on the terminology of motives that cause problematic behavior and crime; Research on School Adaption; Shop-lifting Prevention and Counter-Measures
 日本語教育分野 Japanese language teaching
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
TODOROKI, Yasuko Linguistics Japanese phonetics
YAMASHITA, Naoko Japanese Language Education Second language acquisition
YAMASHITA, Toshiaki   It's studied about the second language acquisition support from sociolinguistics and recognition linguistics

Developmental Support Course

 Early Childhood Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
FUJIMOTO, Kyōko Physical and Health Education Research on the physical expressions of young children
KATAOKA, Motoko Early Childhood Education Early childhood education
MATSUMOTO, Hiroo Psychology of child development and education Early literacy development and education; Play and Learning in early childhood settings
 Special Needs Education Division
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
NAKAJIMA, Emiko Special Needs Education,
Clinical Psychology
Psychological assessment and intervention of developmental disorders
NISHIDA, Tomoko Special Needs Education,
Pathology of Children with Disabilities
Development of cognitive function in preterm infants and in children with disabilities
OGATA, Tomoko Special Needs Education,
Education for Children with Disabilities
The system and history of special needs education
SAKAI, Satoshi Special Needs Education,
Education for Children with Disabilities
Education for children with disabilities

Division of School Curriculum Studies

Language Education Course

 Japanese Language Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
IKEDA, Yukiya Chinese Philosophy The ideology of Chinese classics during the middle ages
KONISHI, Kenichi Study of Seal Engraving Study of seal engraving
NISHIYAMA, Hiroko Manyoshu – Japan’s oldest anthology of poems Studies of seventh and eighth century Japanese society and thought through the Manyoshu
SATO, Akihiro Methods of Japanese Education Instruction and methodology of Japanese compositions, methods of Japanese education
WATANABE, Shirō Modern Japanese Literature Modern fiction and criticism
YAMAMOTO, Shigeki The History of Japanese Language Education Research into the methods of instruction of literary evaluation
 English Language Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
BATTEN, Paul Applied Linguistics Teaching and evaluation of compensatory strategies
MATSUSHIMA, Kinya American Literature Transcendentalists in New England, including Henry D. Thoreau
NAGAO, Satoshi English Linguistics Cognitive and corpus linguistic analysis on the process of historical change of English grammar
TAKENAKA, Tatsunori Research on English Language Teaching ELT methodology; Historical study of English language teaching; Teaching techniques and evaluation in communicative language teaching; History of English studies and English language teaching in Sanuki (Kagawa Pref.)

Social and Life Education Course

 Social Sciences Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
ISHIKAWA, Tōru Philosophy Hume’s theory of passions; Philosophy of mind; Thomas Reid’s Philosophy of Mind; Explications of functions of passions within the theories of human nature as the philosophical foundation of 18th century UK ideology
ITOH, Hiroyasu Education in the Social Studies Lesson and curriculum construction for subjects of the social studies department, especially in geographical education; Research on the systematization of learning geography using narrative-based learning; Research on the professional development of teachers in social studies; Developing lessons for ESD
KUZUKI, Kōichi Educational Sociology Research on student learning activities; Research on the lower prestige universities
MIYAKE, Takeshi Philosophy The history of Philosophy
MORITA, Hayato Japanese History The history of the land system of Japan; Studies of land domination and conflict resolution and order formation in the Japanese Middle Ages; Studies on the historical development of rice paddy fields using landscape reconstruction
MURAYAMA, Satoshi Economics
(Economic History)
Environmental history; Comparative socio-economic history
NAKATANI, Hiroyuki European History The cultural history of Christianity in early modern Europe
SHIMMI, Osamu* Geography, Hydrology,
Geographical Education
Field studies on the hydrological environment and water use; Studies on geographical and environmental education
SUZUKI, Masayuki Education in Social Studies The construction of subject development based on regional research
TAIRA, Atsushi Geography Local economy: characteristics of local industries; Global economy: characteristics of multinational corporations; Local society: transformation of local community, Education for international understanding and geography
TAKAKURA, Ryōichi Jurisprudence Law related to education
 Home Economics Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
KIYOKUNI, Yūji Child Care Studies Study of playing behaviors and development of children and child care support
MATSUI, Gōta Early Childhood Education Support of young children with special needs
OGAWA, Ikuko Clothing and Textiles,
Home Economics Education
Consumer education on clothing and textiles
SENO, Michiko Housing Theory and practice of man-made environment education
TOKIOKA, Harumi Home Economics Management of traditional family occupations and their households

Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Course

 Mathematics Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
MATSUSHIMA, Mitsuru Mathematics Education Collaborative Learning
NAITO, Hirotada Algebra Number Theory
OKA, Shinpei General Topology and Topology Dimension Theory
SATAKE, Ikuo Analysis Integrable Systems
TAKANO, Keiji Algebra Representation Theory
 Natural Sciences Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
AOKI, Takaaki Physics (Nonlinear Dynamics) Network science, complex systems and theoretical neuroscience
FUJI, Hiroyuki Theoretical Physics Particle physics, mathematical physics
KITABAYASHI, Masahiro Science Education,
History of Science
Studies on objectives and evaluation of science education; Science curricula linked with other subjects;
History of science education and scientific thought in Japan; Studies on teaching materials on soil and sand; Historical study on Tsuken Kume’s manufacturing
KOMORI, Hirofumi Biochemistry Protein Structure
MATSUMOTO, Kazunori Behavioral Ecology Feeding and reproductive ecology of fish
MATSUMURA, Masafumi Astronomy and Astronomy Education Light scattering by interstellar dust particles;
Alignment mechanisms of interstellar dust particles;
Astronomical polarization; and Astronomy education
RYU, Jumpei Science Education and
Physics Education
Development of science curricula; Physics education research; Investigation in secondary school science
SASAKI, Nobuyuki Inorganic Geochemistry,
Chemical Education
Geochemical studies of formation mechanism of natural inorganic compounds; Environmental chemistry and education
SHINOHARA, Wataru Evolutionary Biology Speciation and evolution in fern species; Adaptive evolution of alpine plants
TAKAGI, Yumiko Organic Chemistry,
Chemistry Education
Synthesis of organic compounds using ionic liquids
TAKAHASHI, Naoshi Experimental Physics of Solids and Surfaces, and
Physics Education
Photoelectronic study of nano-materials, solar cells, etc.; MOKE experiment of magnet; Reconstruction of science teaching materials
TERAO, Tōru Meteorology Monsoon climates; Climate variability
 Industrial Arts Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
KURODA, Tsutomu Image Processing,
Man-Machine Interface
Schooling which uses network technology; Application of facial color to telemedicine by using color image processing; Elucidation of relevancy of complexion and temperature of face skin according to emotional change
MATSUSHITA, Kōji Educational Technology and Teaching Methodology Research on information and communication technologies in education for understanding and motivation to learn
MIYAZAKI, Eiichi Educational Technology,
Rehabilitation Engineering
Research on the handicapped people supporting system using ICT apparatus;
Research of technical teaching-materials development which utilized the microcontroller
YAMADA, Takashi Human Interface An arm wrestling communication system for mind and body care support

Art and Sports Education Course

 Music Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
AOYAMA, Yuka Performance and Teaching of Woodwind Instruments Flute performance; Flute education instruction for beginners
OKADA, Tomoya Music Pedagogy Practical research on classes in music education;
Study on the activities of school bands
WAKAI, Kenji Singing Study of singing Italian song and operas; Study on vocal Japanese music
YANAI, Osamu Piano Technique interpretation in piano performance; Research into playing of Beethoven’s works for piano;
Research on playing of chamber music and in ensembles
 Art and Design Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
FURUKUSA, Atsushi Painting Production and materials research on oil painting and watercolor
KURAISHI, Fumio Craft Ceramics
TANIKAWA, Hiroshi* Contenporary Art Visual arts
YOSHIKAWA, Nobuko Art Education Forming activities of child
 Health and Physical Science Education
Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
ISHIKAWA, Yūichi Exercise Physiology,
Sports Training Theory,
Research on teaching of swimming and anaerobic exercise physiology
MIYAMOTO, Kensaku School Health, Health Education Estimating sarcopenia by ultrasonic amplitude; Learning contents of health education in school; Physical activity and physical activity environment
UENO, Kōhei Pedagogy of Physical Education; Sports Psychology Psycho-social development through sports and physical education; Development of life skills through participation in athletic clubs
YAMAGAMI, Shinichi Sports Biomechanics and Kendo Research on the introduction of kendo, and childhood physical fitness
YONEMURA, Kōhei Pedagogy of Physical Education Research on the basic conditions of physical education classes; Physical education teacher education; Effects of momentum and climate in physical education classes on students’ formative evaluation

Division of School Clinical Psychology

Name Fields of Specialization Research Themes
HASHIMOTO, Tadayuki Clinical Psychology Psychological assessment; Therapeutic assessment; Psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults and families
HAYASHI, Tomokazu Clinical Psychology Psychotherapy for the Elderly; Life review Therapy
TAKEMORI, Motohiko Clinical Psychology Counseling; School counseling; Clinical psychological community support for abused children
YAMADA, Shunsuke Clinical Psychology Encounter groups; Psychotherapy for children and adolescents
*  Specially Appointed Professor
** Specially Appointed Associate Professor