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The Faculty of Education has two primary programs - the Teacher Training Program and the Humanities and Environmental Sciences Program. Each program has three main courses, and students can choose a course based on the degree path they are pursuing. Our aim is to train ambitious teachers with the comprehensive and practical skills needed to become the educators of tomorrow.

In the Teacher Training course, the focus of study is on understanding the development and growth processes of children, while strengthening their ‘life skills’ (ikiru chikara). We hope to train teachers with practical skills who will help create the energetic and positive school environment children need for healthy development.

Elementary School Class
A literature class at Sakaide Elementary School, one of the institutions attached to Kagawa University.

The Humanities and Environmental Sciences course aims to train its students to have a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of issues facing modern societies - including lifelong human development, issues dealing with internationalization, information technology and access, trends in population growth, and aging societies.

International Exchange
Students meet their international student buddies for the first time during a cultural exchange program.