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Academic Calendar

Month Day Events
April 1 First Term Starts
4 Entrance Ceremonies
Early Guidance for First Year Students
Lectures Start
July Late Term Final Exams
August 6 Summer Vacation Begins
Early Open Campus Day
September 30 Summer Holidays End
End of First Term
October 1 Second Term Starts
University Anniversary Day Holiday
2 Lectures Start
Early Guidance for First Year Students
November Mid University Festival
December 25 Winter Break Begins
January 7 Winter Break Ends
Mid University Entrance Center Test
February Late Term Final Exams
March 11 Spring Break Begins
24 Graduation Ceremonies
31 Spring Break Ends
End of Second Term

The core dates of Academic Calendar above are generally the same every year. For information about holidays and substituted days that change from year to year, please check the updated link below.

University Calendar (Japanese)