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Admission and Campus Life

International students who are interested in studying at Kagawa University should look over the admission information found on the main Kagawa University Website. Admission to the Faculty of Education varies depending on the student's status and program interests.

    Special Auditing Students (Undergraduate)

  • Universities that have an Academic Exchange Agreement with the Faculty of Education can send undergraduate students to Kagawa University for 1 semester or 1 year of study as Special Auditing Students. A list of current Academic Exchange Agreements between the Faculty of Education and other universities can be found here. Please contact your International Office at your home university for details on this program.

    Students will need to have a high level of proficiency in Japanese (and provide documentation of Japanese Language ability) in order to take classes in the Faculty of Education. Unfortunately, there are no courses taught in English at this time. However, there are Japanese courses offered that can help students continue improving their Japanese.

    For those who have never taken or have very little proficiency in Japanese can participate in the Sanuki Program through the International Student Center, in which students will study Japanese language and culture for 1 semester and then sign up for regular courses in the following semester based on their improvement in Japanese. Details on the Sanuki Program can be found below.

  • Information on the Sanuki Program through the International Student Center
  • The Faculty of Education also hosts many short-term exchange group programs every year. These usually last about a month and consists of a group of students from one university traveling to Kagawa to study Japanese language and culture. Please contact the International Office at you home university to see if your university is participating in these types of programs with Kagawa University.

    Special Research Students

  • For graduate students interested in short-term research programs (3 months to 1 year), a high level of Japanese may not be required depending on the type of research you will be conducting and how well you can communicate with the professor acting as your academic supervisor.

    A good place to start for research students would be to search for a professor who specializes in the subject you would like to conduct research for at Kagawa University. Professors can be found in the Researcher's Database or the Faculty of Education Staff Page. If you need help finding a professor to act as your academic supervisor, please contact the International Student Center for further assistance.

  • Regular Undergradute and Regular Graduate Students

  • For students who wish to attend Kagawa University as regular undergraduate or graduate students, please contact the Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Education for application procedures and requirements (lgakum3⚫ , replace the '⚫' with the '@' symbol and please include the keyword "ADMISSION" in the subject). Students are encouraged to have a high level of Japanese proficiency in order to take the entrance examination and enter the degree program. All regular courses are taught in Japanese.

    More Details

    For more detailed information on what international programs Kagawa University has to offer, please reference Page 72 of the Prospectus for International Students.

  • Kagawa University Prospectus for International Students P1 - 48 (PDF)
  • Kagawa University Prospectus for International Students P49 - 102 (PDF)
  • Kagawa University Prospectus for International Students P103 - 124 (PDF)